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Are You Not Entertained? A List of All the Hobbies I’ve Ever Tried

This is actually going to be 2 lists – “the things I’ve tried and failed at” and “the things I know how to do but for some reason don’t.”

The Things I’ve Tried and Failed At:

  1. Sports. In all forms. I’m pretty lazy by nature and running around just to get all sweaty is just…ugh. I also have no upper body strength. I did enjoy swimming and skiing but never had the opportunity to even consider doing them competitively and probably wouldn’t even have considered it if I’d had. I’m also suuuuuuper competitive which is surprisingly not conducive with athletic mediocrity.
  2. Piano. Mostly my grandmother’s doing. Participating in this was not my choice and my heart was never really into it. As an adult, it’s definitely a skill I wish I had, but I don’t blame child-me for not being all over that.
  3. Flute. In 4th grade, we were allowed to join the middle school band through a program meant to introduce more kids to music. Our group lessons were once a week and taught by local high school students. Not only did I not practice, but I never even learned how to make sound come out of the flute. During concerts, I just hid behind the music stand and randomly mashed the keys. Somehow I managed to stay in band for a full year using this method. I consider this an accomplishment.
  4. Harp. The list of instruments that I have tried and not stuck with is just embarrassing at this point.
  5. Rug Hooking. This could technically go in the 2nd list but my one and only project was such an abysmal failure, I thought it belonged here. In 5th grade, my teacher was pregnant and we threw her a baby shower. For the 6th months before I tried to complete a little 12×12 wall hanging to give her. It wasn’t done by the shower, so I gave her an IOU. The baby is now a sophomore in high school and the rug is still not done. I’m sorry, Mrs. Abbott. I still feel guilty!
  6. Blogging. Oh the irony. I’ve attempted to maintain a few blogs in my life. The first one was about weight loss and exercise which fell apart once I remembered I don’t like sweating (see #1 above). Hopefully things go better this time.9aldbpuzyqs-mabel-amber-1

The Things I Know How to Do but For Some Reason Don’t:

  1.  Knitting and Crocheting. I have so many half-started projects…
  2. Singing. I was really invested in singing and performing in high school but stopped in college when participating involved actual self-initiated participation.
  3. Reading. I used to read everything in sight and my current to-read list is 200+ books long. For some reason though, I lack the attention span as an adult, even when reading books I like.
  4. Coloring. My mom got me into the adult coloring books and I even bought a few by Johanna Basford! But I really only get it out when my parents come to visit which is less than once a year. So basically what I’m saying is I’ve done this twice.
  5. Photography. I took 6 years of elective photography in high school and a digital photography class through the local night school about 3 years ago. I like it and I’ve been told I’m decently good at it, but I never think to just go out and take pictures unless I’m traveling.
  6. Making things with my hands. This includes (but is not limited to) Sculpey clay, collaging things, and anything with the hot glue gun. I enjoy this sort of crafting a TON! But I’m still somehow too lazy to get out my craft supplies and set them up so I can actually use them.
  7. Board games. I really like board games, but have a hard time considering them a sustainable hobby since you’re kind of required to have more than 1 person to play.

Going forward, my goals are two-fold. First, I obviously want to find something I’m passionate about and gives me purpose (hence the entire point of this blog). Second, I want to find something that I am so passionate about, I can sustain a vested interest in it long-term. Unfortunately, I am the laziest person you may have ever met. I’m so lazy, I procrastinate things I enjoy doing because it might involve walking downstairs to get my sewing box or cleaning up dirty dishes. Stupid things like that.

I’m a mess.

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