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It’s Happening! (Or How I Discovered That My Friends Are Pretty Amazing People)

So I’m only 2 and a half days into this endeavor and it’s already working! (Prepare yourself for a lot of exclamation points in this post. I’m super excited.) When I was writing last night, I was struggling to create an interesting post and was starting to worry that I’d gotten in over my head. How could I maintain this new Me if I was struggling at blog post #3?

But honestly, this blog has definitely changed something in me. I’ve always wanted to start a book club, or at least be part of a book club. I joined one awhile back but realized there are different types of book clubs and the one I joined just wasn’t…my style (I did NOT like reading 50 Shades of Gray! Ew.).o4-yygi5jbc-glen-noble

So this past weekend, we went to a holiday party and the host lent me a book she had just finished. At any other point in my life, I would have been super excited, graciously accepted the book, and then let it sit on my bedside table for a year and a half. (No joke. I have a book on my bedstand that’s been there 3 years. I’ve moved TWICE in that time and yet it’s still there…staring at me…reminding me of all my inadequacies.) Anyway, as I was leaving, a 2nd friend noticed the book and asked about it. One thing lead to another and we both decided we were going to start a book club! And this morning I actually did.

I’ve always been horrible at follow-through. I don’t know if it’s because I’m worried about being rejected by my friends or being told that my ideas are lame, but I tend to just let my ideas die before they can even attempt to come to fruition. But not this time. This morning, I got up and I made a facebook group! And as I started inviting a select few people to join, I realized I actually have quite a few really smart and interesting friends. What I thought was going to be a small, 3-4 person group already has 7 members!

Ok so as I type that, I realize that still probably seems super small to you. But you have to realize that these are just my friends who live locally and have time for a book club and have similar reading styles to me. It’s also a big hurdle for me. I have a lot of anxiety about being the hostess or initiator in social settings. In fact, I originally texted a friend earlier this week and was totally going to let her take the lead in organizing this shindig. But no! Not only was I motivated to make this happen soon, I was motivated to make it happen all by myself! (I mean, this is a group venture and I don’t really want to make it ALL about me, but I’m pretty proud of myself. Wooo adulthood!)

As a final note, I also want to say that in the first 24 hours, I’ve also inspired someone else, which is such warm and fuzzy feeling. I mean, it’s Adam, who lives with me, but still! He said he saw my post where I mentioned a few musical instruments and it inspired him to get out his guitar which he hasn’t touched in at least a year. We’re going to be a household of talented and interesting people and there’s nothing you can do to stop us.

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