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A One-Month Roundup (Or Why I Would Definitely Fail The Marshmallow Test)

The Marshmallow Test is a well-known psychological experiment that studies delayed gratification. Essentially, a child is given a marshmallow and told that they can eat it immediately or wait several minutes and be given a second marshmallow to eat. The results of this study found that children who are able to delay gratification early tend to go on to lead far more successful lives.

If you want to see a super cute, modern day iteration of this experiment, this video is one of my absolute favorite things on the internet.

So I’m now a month into my goal to create a new and interesting me. And after this first month, I am 100% convinced that I would’ve failed the marshmallow test in spectacular fashion. I do understand the benefits of waiting, but willpower has always been a bit questionable for me. (For the record, our entire family has already acknowledged that my brother is the kid who would’ve shoved the whole thing in his mouth before the woman could even leave the room so that makes me feel better. Not even entirely sure he would’ve taken the time to chew. What’re you gonna do? The kid loved candy.)

Anyway, I’m still motivated (kinda) and I’m still pretty proud of myself for sticking with it this long. (Baby steps are still steps! They count…) However, the sheen of a new resolution is definitely starting to wear off and many new hobbies are starting to feel like old hobbies.

So without further ado, here is a short summary of how everything is going after the first month.

The Flute

I was so good at practicing every day in the beginning! Now…not so much. I’m still practicing every other day (ish) but I’m definitely already not as willing to set aside time to practice in the evenings as I was during that first week. I can’t even tell you why!! I like playing. I like practicing. I like seeing myself get better. But even last night, I thought about it and then thought, “nah.” Maybe it’s because the cats have finally adapted to the noise and it’s no longer fun to chase them around the house with the flute, trying to get them to make cute, squeaky meowing noises.

I need help.


I have taken exactly 1 photo using my DLSR since I made my initial post. Here it is.

I call this photo, "Look at those fluffy wuffy cheeks!"
I call this photo, “Look at those fluffy wuffy cheeks!”
Board Games

My saving grace! Board games are the beeeeeeeeeest. Also, I have friends!

Adam and I have played at least 1 game (usually more) of Star Realms every evening for the past 3 weeks. We’ve kept track of who wins each game and so far we are exactly tied. I fully intend to keep track for the duration of our relationship so that when we’re 85, I can brag to my grandchildren that I am the Star Realms master while we zoom around on our Tesla-built hovercrafts. (My vision of the future looks like a Jetson’s cartoon.)


I’ve made really good progress on the puff pillow I started only a week ago! But I actually think I might frog the whole thing and make legwarmers or something. I’m just not a fan of how the multicolored yarn is working out. Adam wants me to keep it though because he likes to lie it on top of the cats while they’re sleeping and then sing the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song.

As long as one of us is happy.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitten. So ferocious.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitten. So ferocious.

Our first book club meeting is in 6 days and I have read exactly 100 pages of the 300+ page book. I purchased the book back in December and told myself I would read it everyday during my lunch break. I managed to stick to that exactly twice. (I actually sat in the library with my book on 6 different days. On 4 of those days, I managed to waste an entire hour staring at nothing on my phone. Nothing!)

I even like the book! But for whatever reason, the act of reading just doesn’t really make me excited. So now I have to do that thing where I count the number of days until I have to be finished and divide it by the number of pages I have left so I know the minimum number of pages I’ll have to read every day. And now the book is work. AAAAAH!


Now that I think about it, I probably wouldn’t have failed the marshmallow test. I would’ve been the kid who wanted two marshmallows, but didn’t want to wait, so I would’ve spent 15 minutes licking it or something. Not sure what that says about my psychological state.

2 thoughts on “A One-Month Roundup (Or Why I Would Definitely Fail The Marshmallow Test)

  1. I quit soooooo many potential hobbies when I was younger… Eventually, I have found a few that have stuck. I approach them differently now than I would have ten years ago. Keeping trying different things. At the very least, you’ll have some good party banter to use next time you find yourself in one of those awkward social situations…

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