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Look At This Thing I Made (Or How To Justify Buying Even More Yarn For Your Stash)

An interesting thing happened to me on my travels recently; I found myself irritated that I didn’t have my crocheting with me! I realize that doesn’t sound weird from most people’s point of view, but in all the time I’ve been knitting/crocheting, I’ve never actually missed the actual act of knitting/crocheting. This is doubley true for projects I’m already working on. If anything, I typically get inspired to start another new project, which means I get to shop for new yarn. I guess what I really mean is I’m frequently inspired to spend money on things I don’t need.

Oy vey.

But it doesn’t matter anyway because I don’t have to travel for work anymore – I got a new (and more stationary) job! Which also means I can’t use travel as an excuse not to finish my blog posts.

…oh joy…

Now that I’m home for good, I thought I’d give you an update on my newest crochet project. You remember the puff-stitch pillow? Well apparently, I’m such an amazing crocheter that my pillows look like shawls!img_20170204_164351922

Ok, it actually is a shawl. (You’re probably like “whaaaa…? I had no idea!) I just didn’t like the way the color changes were lining up with the pillow pattern and I didn’t know how big to make it because I didn’t have a pillow insert to use. And it was getting dangerously close becoming another half-finished project, banished forever to the closet-of-lost-knitting-needles.

So, much to Adam’s disappointment (he really liked the idea of it being kitty blanket – I don’t think he understands how dangerous it is to mix yarn and claws), I tore out the entire thing and found a new pattern that works better with the color changes in the yarn.

I also got inspired and found a few single skein projects, so I made slippers for both me and Adam! Mine were the experiment and don’t fit very well. Adam wears his all the time. I assume out of guilt since I got mad at him for not being as excited about them as I was and then proceeded to refuse to let him wear them for a full day. It was a thing (because all healthy relationships fight about crochet, right? Anyone?).

Pirate wanted to get in on the foot modeling too.
Pirate wanted to get in on the foot modeling too.

(Side note: If your girlfriend ever makes you a handmade gift, no matter how ugly, for the LOVE OF GOD, take 2 seconds to look up from your video game and act appreciative. Failure to do so may cause your otherwise completely reasonable girlfriend to become very pout-y and mean. She may also never make you anything ever again. Especially since you already lost that adorable hat she knitted for you right after you started dating.)

Evidence that Adam has reclaimed control of the slippers. You may also note evidence in the background of what once was a non-pillow and is soon to become a shawl.
Evidence that Adam has reclaimed control of the slippers.

I can’t rave enough about these small projects. Each pair of slippers takes an hour and a half to complete and leaves you feeling just as accomplished as the larger projects. Plus it frees up more space in your yarn stash box so you can go buy more yarn! Win-win.

Brb. Gotta go find out when the next Red Heart Yarn flash sale is going to be.

10 thoughts on “Look At This Thing I Made (Or How To Justify Buying Even More Yarn For Your Stash)

  1. YOU FROGGED!! And you didn’t even use the term ‘frog’, I am so disappointed. 🙂

    Great slippers, by the way. My Gma has been making us yarn scrap slippers for 35 years and hers aren’t nearly as cool as yours. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s so funny! I actually had it written as “frogged” and then changed it. Figured more people (aka people my grandparents) would understand 😅. And I’m sure your GMA’s slippers are awesome in their own way.


  2. Haha i love this post! And can definitely relate to the difference in excitement levels! I get excited about a lot of stuff & often can’t understand why my boyfriend doesn’t always share my enthusiasm. Glad i’m not alone 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Considering I buy yarn for NO REASON (I can’t crochet or knit or do anything actually useful with yarn) other than, ‘It’s so fluffy! It’s so soft! I must have it!’ I think you’re more than justified, honestly…

    Liked by 1 person

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