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Book Club Minutes: Meeting #3 (Or When Did Everyone Get So Busy?)

So one of the worst thing about being in your mid-20s is that everyone is suddenly so dang busy! Now I assume that people are busy at other ages too but since I’ve only been around for 27 years, I can only speak to those 27 and personally, this is the busiest I’ve ever been. Planning time to get together with friends is suddenly impossible. Between everyone having babies (or 2), weddings, showers of all kinds (as in baby or wedding, not the ones with water), family obligations, holiday travel, work, schools, and occasionally wanting to have some time to yourself, nailing down a time for 6 or 7 people to get together is just not going to happen.

I tell you this because turnout for book club today was a meager 2 people. Disappointing – yes – but still totally understandable. Still not the direction we really want to be going in though so we may have to rethink the whole Sunday afternoon meeting time. Now that we’re all super old and like to get in bed at 9:30pm (no? just me then?), maybe Friday evenings could work… It’s not like we’re hitting the club scene anymore. (Not that I ever did but I like to at least pretend my younger years were exciting.)

Book Club Minutes: Meeting #3

Sunday, March 26th, 12:00pm

Location: Geni’s House

General Attendance Notes
  • We were a small, but mighty group of 2! Kind of a shame since this was by far my favorite (read: most confusing) book we’ve read for book club so far, but at least we had both finished it and were ready to discuss.
  • Geni prepared adorable and yummy thematic snacks (that her husband ate most of). Only she could find cute and funny food options to go along with a dystopian SciFi downer in which people starve to death and contract incurable diseases from the food that they eat that causes them to bleed from their eyes. So, kudos to your incredible hosting skills, Geni!
  • Her house is much cleaner than mine.

    I totally forgot to take photos of each food but trust me, they were delicious and hysterical.
Book Discussion Notes:

Book of the Month: “Oryx and Crake” by Margaret Atwood

To me, this is an example of the quintessential book club book. I realize that book clubs are formed for many reasons – a chance to socialize, expand your mind, drink as much wine as possible – but for me, the goal for book club was to force myself to not only read and finish books I wouldn’t otherwise pick up, but also to delve into and reflect on them in ways I wouldn’t have on my own.

Oryx and Crake did that for me. I wasn’t familiar with it prior to it being suggested at our February meeting, but I knew of Margaret Atwood and The Handmaid’s Tale has been on my to-read list for awhile. (Strangely though, I haven’t really felt like picking it up to read for fun. Something about women being oppressed and enslaved to have other people’s babies doesn’t really scream light-summer-read-by-the-pool for me. No idea why.) Even as I read Oryx and Crake, I can’t say that I “enjoyed” it, although I am glad I finished it. The subject matter was the furthest thing from lighthearted, but it was just so satisfyingly meaty in subtext and metaphors (scary, terrifying metaphors that make me want to abandon modern life and go live in a wood cabin with no electricity). Even still, I can tell you for a fact that this is not a book I would’ve ever considered reading, let alone finished prior to book club, and for that I am super grateful that it was recommended to me in the context of book club.

The Takeaway

Like I said, I can’t blame people for being busy or not being as excited about book club as I am. And I’m definitely going to give it a shot of lasting at least one more month. Ultimately though, even if The 52240: A Book Club for the Ages does die off, it has already served 2 very useful purposes (and had a baller name).

  1. Audiobooks are a busy person’s lifeline to reading. I’ve listened to the last 2 book club books on tape and it’s far and away enriched my life in ways I didn’t expext. (Ohmygod, I can’t believe I just used the word “enriched”. I sound like an elementary school librarian.) Seriously though, I listened to my books on the bus going to and from work every day and when I walk over my lunch breaks and it really makes you feel like you’re using your time to its fullest potential. (Also, I don’t recommend reading the likes of Oryx and Crake when you’re alone at night and about to fall asleep. Definitely daytime reading. Definitely.)
  2. Book clubs work for me and I don’t want to give it up. Even if this one doesn’t pan out, the world of the internet means there are other options out there. A quick search of Goodreads shows that there are all types of online book clubs you can join. And while I’m skeptical that the discussion will be interesting in a group with 18,000 members, the goal is to read. And that’s exactly what I intend to do.

3 thoughts on “Book Club Minutes: Meeting #3 (Or When Did Everyone Get So Busy?)

  1. You’re making me want to join a book club! Or even start one! Also I definitely feel you on the busy aspect of life; I have no free weekends until July.


    It’s inhumane.

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  2. I love audiobooks! Hubby and I listened to Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time books 1 & 2. We listened to them while we were cooking dinner (and eating dinner), while doing the dishes and other little chores, while I was crocheting and he was just lounging around etc. It made it feel like we were doing something together while we really weren’t doing anything. We have both already read the whole series individually so it was nice to listen together and chit chat about parts that we really liked. 😀

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  3. I have my book club meet up today too! 🙂
    I hadn’t heard of Oryx and Crake, but it sounds awesome.

    “Something about women being oppressed and enslaved to have other people’s babies doesn’t really scream light-summer-read-by-the-pool for me.”
    >>Ha! It’s not actually as bad as that. It sort of brings you into the story slowly, so it is not as stressful to read as you would expect. It is still pretty scary though.

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