Sew All The Things! (Or It’s Amazing What You Can Accomplish With Adult Supervision)

So my beginner sewing class is over and out of everything I learned, I would say two primary lessons stuck out to me the most:

  1. You are never too old for adult supervision.
  2. Even when the class isn’t graded, everyone knows who the best student was. (Hint: I was the best! Those little old ladies were way too slow to keep up with me. I win.)

In all honesty, I was super sad that this class was only 4 weeks. It literally took all of my self-restraint not to write posts about sewing every day. But let me make this clear: just because I wasn’t writing about it, doesn’t mean I wasn’t going completely fabric crazy behind the scenes.

Aside from the pillowcase and the three other projects I made for sewing class, I decided I would try my hand at a few unsupervised beginner projects. This, of course, meant a trip to Joann’s Fabrics which unfortunately coincided with a HUGE sale where almost all sewing-related supplies were 40-50% off. (If there is a god, I would take this as a sign that she is feisty and likes to go out of her way to test my willpower.) Somehow, beyond all capacity for reason, I managed to walk out of there with only the supplies I needed, plus a few extra fat quarters. (I told Adam it was in case I messed up, but really it’s because they were on sale and I couldn’t decide. So many pretty colors!)

I call this photo “Still Life of Restraint in a Modern Capitalist Society.”

Throughout all of this activity, my sewing machine (heretofore known formally as the “dust-catching machine that can also conveniently be used to block the always-hungry cat from eating all of the other cats food”) has performed admirably, even if it only wants to sew on a diagonal. Straight lines are overrated.

Project #1: Coasters

Project #1 was whatever pattern I could find that was easy (and free) on Pinterest. So we went with coasters! The simple pattern I found called for 3 fat quarters which is the best way to buy fabric because you don’t have to ask the sales people to cut the fabric for you. (Being anti-social is the only way to shop.) Naturally, I read up very precisely on how to make these and then completely disregarded all the instructions. (When it comes to the road less traveled, I say go big or go home.)

Surprisingly, they came out both square(ish) and (mostly) usable. Win!

Not pictured: Yelling at the machine for not being easy to thread. It’s his fault! Not mine…
Project #2: Camera Strap

Since Adam was gone for the weekend, I also decided to make a camera strap. This was done without a pattern because nothing says “I’m already an expert sewer who doesn’t need any direction” like finishing 2 projects (one of which was completely supervised).

Project #3: Drawstring Bag

Look at this adorable bag! LOOK AT IT! It has girls in twirly dresses holding balloons on it. You simply can’t go wrong with a fabric like that.

This project was done under supervision and introduced us to making gussets which sounds super complicated and impressive so I’m just not going to tell you what they are and let you be awed by my superior talent.

Yes, the flowers were necessary.
Project #4: Zippered Pouch

Sewing is a funny hobby because it suddenly makes adults genuinely fearful of everyday objects. Cutting fabric? Dear god no! That involves scissors and 2nd grade-level math! Need to add a zipper? The horror! I can’t even bear the idea of working with a contraption so complex!

Seriously though, zippers were the cause of much class-related anxiety for all of us students so I would appreciate it if you would take a moment to marvel at the craftsmanship you see below.

Not cute fabric because my favorite fabric store was closed this week because they were moving to a new location. We can all silently mourn the waste of using this adorable pink zipper on this travesty of a fabric.
Project #5: Kitchen Apron

My crowning glory. First of all, it involves teacups AND polka dots and is therefore greater than any other apron ever created. Second, I didn’t get it finished in the 2 hour class period so I had to go home and finished unsupervised. Despite this, it still turned out wearable! Not sure when I’ll ever get a chance to use it though since it’s too pretty to ever get dirty. On the plus side, the pockets are big enough to hold the smallest of my two cats so if nothing else, it can be used as an adorable way to unintentionally torture my pets.

14 thoughts on “Sew All The Things! (Or It’s Amazing What You Can Accomplish With Adult Supervision)

    1. Definitely. I sort of wish I had taken the class in fall rather than spring only because I don’t want to be inside sewing when it’s nice out. But I suppose that’s what rainy days are for 🙂

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  1. You are well on your way. A few suggestions from someone who got her first sewing machine at the age of one (1) month:
    Now that you have started your fabric stash, it will grow. Make sure you allow for enough storage space. I have an entire 8 x 10 bedroom and it is not quite enough.
    Don’t cut fabric with scissors, either rip it (old school) or use a rotary cutter and a mat (fun, fast and you can do multiple cuts all at once).
    If you order fabric online you can get yardage and not have to talk to the sales person who is bound to make some snarky comment about something.
    You need to name your sewing machines, I have six that I use on a regular basis plus a few others. Names help tell them apart and they behave better.
    I love all of your projects! You are doing a great job. One suggestion for your camera strap would be to use Wonder Under (or similar product) to help keep the strap flat.
    I am looking forward to your next project.

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  2. You are too funny! And you have almost inspired me to take my sewing machine back out of the box – I bought it because I had big dreams of being the featured designer at New York Fashion Week (is that even a thing?) and then promptly after a bobbin incident that is not allowed to be spoken about in this house, returned the obviously defective machine back into the box! Oh plus I bought it because it was 50% off and yeah the whole craft store thing. What a deal right?!? 😀

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    1. My secret is that I’m more a crochet/knitting/cross stitch girl too 😆. A good teacher and a great book. Check out School of Sewing. She lays everything out very clearly and her patterns are super well written.

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