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6 Reasons Cross Stitch Is More Awesome Than You Think (Or What 2 Weeks Of Writers Block Will Get You)

I was going make some lame excuse about how I’d been traveling through Eastern Europe for the last week and a half (true) and that’s why I hadn’t posted in awhile (false), but I won’t. I’ll just own up to the writers block and move on. I guess it’s not really writers block. More like humor block. I can’t tell if it’s me or cross stitching that is just inherently unfunny right now, but regardless, here we are! Ready to learn all about hobbies you associate with your 85-year-old, unmarried, great aunt. Aren’t you excited?

Reasons Cross-stitching Is More Awesome Than You Think

#1. It’s supah easy.

(Don’t mind me. I’m heading back East in a few days so I need to warm up my Boston accent. Just getting ready.)

I truly never understood cross-stitching or embroidery as hobbies. They just seemed like the involved literally no skill whatsoever. Like, what’s so interesting about making little Xs all over a piece of fabric? Seems pretty straightforward.

And it is. There’s no uniquely difficult skill you acquire when learning to cross-stitch (except maybe counting which is harder than your kindergarten teacher made you think it was). But somehow the ease of the project doesn’t take away from the satisfaction of creating something. Nor does it take away from how relaxing it is to have something mindless to keep your hands busy while you’re talking or watching a movie. Also, the instructions that came with the kits I ordered were only 1 page double sided. And 5/6 of it wasn’t even in English!

Told ya. Supah easy.

My first project. I’m glad I started with this one because each color was pretty uniform and condensed into single blocks.

#2. It’ll surprise you.

In the same vein as #1, cross-stitching will surprise you. I didn’t expect to like it and I didn’t expect to understand why other people liked it. (So maybe my expectations were set so low that less than pure misery was considered a positive surprise.) But hey, I like a good surprise now and then! Keeps things interesting. (Do you hear that Adam? I like surprises. Preferably ones where I get to rip open wrapping paper. And the contents is sparkly. Give me jewelry.)

#3. It’s the journey, stupid.

So I like finishing things. I like having things to show off and wear around, like hats and gloves, so people will know I’m super crafty and talented and give me compliments. (I’m competitive. We’ve already established that.) But as my Dad likes to remind me, it’s about the journey, not the destination.

I never understood what you were supposed to do with finished cross-stitch projects. Hanging them on the wall really isn’t my style and I’m not much for the food puns and cheeky profanity that you see in a lot of samplers. Turns out, it doesn’t matter what you do with them. I might put mine in a big binder like a sampler portfolio. Doesn’t matter to me. All I know is I like making them and I like looking at the finished product. Do you really need anymore than that?

Also, I was inspired to finally give stitching a try after seeing Emz’s adorable card creations over at Emz Crafty Creations, so shout out to her. I’ll always appreciate a hobby with purpose.

The finished violets. Definitely a gorgeous finished product but even more fun to make.

#4. So many colors!

Look how pretty!

Project #2. Didn’t expect to like this one as much as the violets, but those pinks are too good not to love.

#5. It’s easy to transport.

So technically, I think knitting and crocheting is supposed to be easy to transport too, but I never really got the hang of that part. My yarn projects are all pretty bulky and cumbersome and require an additional carry-on bag on the plane so they never really seemed worth it.

Stitching is super compact. I flew all the way to Romania and back was able to whip out my sampler whenever I wanted – 4 hour layover in the Munich airport, crammed in economy class on a 9 hour flight, a conference presentation I didn’t want to listen to. (Kidding!…kind of.)

Finished in a day and a half. Now I’m mad at Amazon for not having free 1-day shipping.

#6. It’s a good conversation starter.

People are really intrigued as to why you’re entertaining a hobby that supposedly only your grandmother would partake in. (Well, not my grandmother. My grandmother was a tennis-playing, folk-singing, world-traveling badass. She couldn’t really sit still long enough to be bothered with learning to cross-stitch.) So basically, if you need more friends, cross-stitch is the answer. That’s how this works, right?


6 thoughts on “6 Reasons Cross Stitch Is More Awesome Than You Think (Or What 2 Weeks Of Writers Block Will Get You)

  1. Oh my gosh thank you so much for the shout out! 😀 My first one xD That was very kind of you. I love the flowers, they look really good and the colours are really pretty. 🙂 The problem I’m having at the moment is I know how I want to finish some of my projects, I want to frame them but they’re not standard sizes so I can’t find frames anywhere! I think I’ll have to get them custom made. People at work say I’m so clever and that they wouldn’t know how to cross stitch but its really easy and I find it so relaxing. 🙂
    Keep up the good work 🙂 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well thank you for the inspiration! I agree. Cross stitching is much simpler than people think it is.

      Also, I’ve gotten some pretty cheap custom frames at Super easy and better frames than you can buy off the shelf at Michael’s.


  2. I’m just starting to get into embroidery and your post came right on time to help me decide whether I should take this hobby up or not! Well… I suppose I shall start to look for some needles haha. If you ever create some more cross stitch patterns, do make a post about it in order to inspire all the newbies like me 🙂 your work is great!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Do it! I haven’t created my own patterns yet. All my creations are from kits! They’re pretty cheap on JoAnn’s website and eBay and a full kit comes with everything you need except the hoop (needle included). I highly recommend going that route. Way less overwhelming!

      Liked by 1 person

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