All Hail The 3-Day Weekend (Or How To Stay Warm When It’s Frostbite-Cold Outside)

Are you tired of -30 degree weather? Is your house freezing cold all the time??? Then have I got the thing for you…gigantic crocheted blankets!

In all serious though, IT’S DONE! Behold the gloriousness that is my first king-sized quilt.

I realize that actually finishing projects is somewhat inconsistent with my brand (and essence of being), but take comfort in the fact that it took me almost a year to finish. (Which is actually half the time it took me to complete my last blanket so yay for progress!)

Full disclosure, I actually don’t like it. (Which I’m sure you can tell by how many staged photos I took of it in various rooms around my house.) I don’t know if it’s because staring at the same pattern for a year will always get old no matter what you’re making, but I always experience regret after finishing a giant project like this. Things like, “I should’ve picked nicer yarn or better colors or a more sophisticated pattern.” That’s not to say I don’t think it’s good or I won’t keep it (it’s SUPER warm), but whatever the cause, post-project depression is REAL.

On another note, is this considered a quilt or a blanket? After I started sewing, I had to explain to Adam that “quilting” is the actual act of sewing the three layers of fabric together, not creating the quilt top (although that is part of it). So last night when I was referring to this as a quilt, he got really confused and insisted that this was a blanket because it wasn’t “quilted”. Is this what adulthood is? Spending hours discussing the difference between blankets and quilts while you pretend it’s not unusual to be in bed by 8:30pm?

12 thoughts on “All Hail The 3-Day Weekend (Or How To Stay Warm When It’s Frostbite-Cold Outside)

  1. Ooooo. So pretty. I have to give you mad props. You were able to complete a project that took you nearly 365 days to complete… that’s dedication right there. And I like Quinn’s blanquilt title- maybe you should patent it… with her permission of course.

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  2. I love how we’ve already come up with a new word, though I feel like it should be spelled blankwilt so you can trademark it. 😉 Props on finishing the blanket. And if it isn’t cool to be in bed by 8:30pm, then I am Seriously Uncool.

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  3. It’s beautiful! I finished my 10 month tablecloth project in Dec and I am certain the only reason it got done is because I wasn’t doing it for myself. I prefer projects that I can complete in a few hours or a few days.

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  4. I’ve just returned to knitting (never tried to crochet). I keep buying patterns and yarn, then yarn doesn’t match the pattern, so buy more yarn, another pattern, more needles. Phew! I’m exhausted thinking about my projects in waiting!

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