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If You Give A Girl A New Kitchen, She’s Going To Need A New Bathroom To Go With It

For the last 2+ months, Adam and I have essentially been living in the 2-room lower-level of our house and eating out every night (NOT all it’s cracked up to be), thanks to a kitchen remodel.

Now I have read McMansion Hell and I appreciate that just because a house is not new, does not mean that it needs to be updated and remodeled. I mean, I love me a good HGTV reno as much as the next girl, but I also love an old house with personality and charm. However, that was not the case with our kitchen.

When we moved into our house, it was in great structural shape, but the interior of the kitchen was almost non-functional. We only had enough counter space for 1 person to be in the kitchen at a time, there were no cabinets along 2 of the walls, the pantry was deep and narrow (and inaccessible) and – get this – the entire kitchen only had 2 drawers! And that says nothing of how warped and splintered all of the cabinet shelves were after I laboriously peeled 1970s contact paper off each of them with a hair dryer.

Was I also itching for a more modern look? Of course! But there’s no way 2 moderately paid 20-something were undertaking a $35K renovation unless is was absolutely necessary.

Trust me, reader. It was sooooooooooooo necessary.

First, a gratuitous full body shot.

However, before you choose to go through with your own major home makeover, please be aware that there are some serious side affects that may include before-and-after-photo addictions and temporary dinner party madness. You will also have delusions of feeling like you are an expert design maven and have the right to judge the intricacies of everyone’s home decor (Hint: You do not, says Adam).

In our house, it has also produced a very “if you give a mouse a cookie” situation that we’re having a bit of trouble reeling in.

If You Give A Sophie A Kitchen…

If you give a Sophie a kitchen, she’s going to want to repaint the window trim to go with it.

BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS!!! hhhhhhnnnnngggg *drool*

And if you give her some new paint for the trim, Adam’s going to want to use it on other untreated windows around the house.

And if you use it on the other windows around the house, Adam’s going to want to paint the rest of the downstairs bathroom as well.

And if he paints the downstairs bathroom, Sophie’s going to realize just how bad the 2 upstairs bathrooms look. (The main bathroom still has lovely mustard yellow fixtures from the 70s. They’re really bad.)

Completely empty kitchen space! The 8 year old in me was well aware that we would have been much better served leaving it like this and using it as a dance floor/stage.

And if Sophie realizes how bad the bathrooms look, she’s going to spend more time in the kitchen trying to reign in her urge to keep spending stupid amounts of money on remodeling.

And if she spends more time in the kitchen, she’s going to start organizing and cleaning everything a LOT.

And if she organizes a lot, she’s going to decide she needs to turn the hallway coat closet into a new pantry.

I’m an adult!

And if she turns the coat closet into a pantry, she’s going to start cooking more because now everything is super organized and accessible and it feels SO GOOD!

And if she cooks more, she’s going to start experimenting with new recipes and techniques.

First attempt at homemade gyros.

And if she experiments with new recipes, Adam ends up being forced to try tofu for the first time.

Postscript: I’ve really tried to not go full-fledged crazy person on this post but if you’d like to see photos of the remodel process, check out my insta. Also, credit to Hometown Restyling in Hiawatha, IA for doing all the work since I didn’t actually contribute much to making this new kitchen happen aside from enthusiasm and taking all the credit. And yes, that totally counts as a hobby.

11 thoughts on “If You Give A Girl A New Kitchen, She’s Going To Need A New Bathroom To Go With It

  1. I totally agree with everything you said.
    Well done, the place looks amazing.
    The kitchen makes ME want to cook up a storm and the living room, well I just want to lie there in yours and take a picture for Instagram…. Why ? Because my living room is nothing like yours and I want an upgrade too!

    Liked by 1 person

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