untitled-design-6By most standards, I’d probably be considered decently successful for my age, at least according to traditional standards. Lately though, something’s been missing – I worked hard in school, got a good job, found a guy, bought a house… and totally forgot to figure out what I actually enjoy doing in my free time.  After all, the reason for working is so we can afford to do the things we most want to do. The only problem is I’m not at all sure what that is.

My guy has hobbies. In the last 3 years, he’s picked up new interests in comic books, craft beer, fantasy football, and travel. I, on the other hand, haven’t really had a hobby since high school and I don’t think Netflix is the answer. I know it sounds silly, but without school clubs and forced exposure, picking up new interests in your 20s is actually kind of hard.

So join me as I take on the challenge of figuring out what I like to do – the reason to be excited about coming home from work. And the next time a new acquaintance asks me what I like to do in my free time, I won’t have to pretend to be an interesting person – I’ll actually be one!