Reflection: Read posts that reflect on how I got here, who I am, and what I’ve learned from this journey.

Failure: Read posts about things I’ve failed at.

New Hobbies: Read posts about trying new hobbies. Often paired with failure (see above).

Social Hobbies: Read posts about hobbies and activities to do with friends. This topic also includes hobbies that were inspired by friends or have inspired friends in return. Just all things friendship.

Games: Read posts about hobbies related to any type of game – board games, video games, gamey games…

Reading: Read posts about hobbies related to reading. (Does not include endlessly reading movie titles on Netflix because you can’t decide which mindless mush to watch.)

Music and ArtRead posts about anything related to art – fine art, performing art, culinary art, etc.

Photography: I’m not even going to explain this one.

Crafting: Read posts related to all kinds of crafting or craftsmanship. Anything you can make with your hands.